Are we still using DDT in America at all?



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    Due to its documented environmental harm to wildlife (particularly predatory birds), DDT is no longer authorized for use in the United States.  DDT is a very effective pesticide, and was instrumental in wiping out Malaria in the United States.  However, when it is used on crops and the surviving, contaminated insects are consumed by birds, it has drastic effects on the density of their egg shells.  The weakened egg shells break easily and result in the death of the unhatched bird, decimating the bird populations.

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    We do not use DDT in the United States anymore.  However it is an extremely resistant pesticide that still persists in the environment today.  Many marine mammals have been known to have DDT in their milk and blubber simply from it persisting in the environment off the waters of the United States.  It goes to show that we can’t use pesticides before we know fully what they will do.

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    DDT use is no longer allowed in the US, however some countries still seem to use DDT to control mosquito populations to stop malaria.

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