Are we still throwing old subway cars into the ocean to build reefs?



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    As of this time in 2008, yes. Subway cars are being reused as structure for underwater life such as coral. The used cars are submerged and the plants and animals in the area treat it as if it were a rock or shelf structure. Some environmental groups argue that the older cars are dangerous to aquatic life because of asbestos. Asbestos is only dangerous as an airborne irritant and therefore is harmless when submerged.

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    No the program to put old New York City subway cars in the ocean off New Jersey to create reefs stopped last year. The program did not go as expected because the US EPA thought that the subway cars places on the man made reefs should last for 25 years, but they started to deteriorate very quickly. They say that the cars pose no threat and provide some sort of shelter habitat, but not up to state standards.

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    yes, we are. I saw something on t.v. last week and it showed the subway cars after only a short time and they already had so many fish and other living things too.At first I couldn’t believe we were still doing that and I thought it was bad at first but now I know it’s actually good because it lets the fish hide from predators and for other reasons too that I just can’t think of.

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    Ok, I know this is slightly off topic, but I think this is so cool, and it is kind of related.  There is a program where you can become a coral reef when you die.  They take your materials and use it to form reef structures.  Below is the link, I think its a really neat. 

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