Are we still overfishing salmon like we were in the 90’s?



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    Since becoming aware of the overfishing problem in the 1990s, the world community has cracked down on salmon fishing. This is true for other types of fish that were heading towards extinction at the high fishing rates. The increased limitations are strongly in place now, but many of the different salmon populations are still dangerously low, so there has been very close regulation on how much fishing, commercial and sport, can be done.

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    This answer is for Pacific Salmon…

    Maybe not as bad as in the 1990’s but yes we are still overfishing them.  For many runs that are fished, taking any is too much at this point.  The mainstay of fishery science is the Maximum Sustainable Yeild; a calculation which has been used for over 50 years now, and has led to the collapse of countless fisheries (ie. atlantic cod).  This is still the calculation they use to determine the salmon quotas, albiet with more conservative stock assessments.  Additionally, fisheries scientists consistently produce wrong estimates of run sizes each year, so how can they properly manage something they don’t understand?

    I realize that this may be an extreme view, but there it is.

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