Are we still concerned with California breaking off at all?



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    No, the idea that California would break along the San Andreas fault and end up as an island in the Pacific Ocean is a myth. The movement along the fault is mainly horizontal, meaning that the plates are shearing in a north-south direction, rather than moving away from each other. Los Angeles is moving several millimeters closer to San Francisco each year. But there is no credible chance that even a massive earthquake could cause California to separate from the rest of the U.S.

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    People have talked about California splitting off the rest of the country and floating away, but that won’t happen. The Pacific tectonic plate and the North American plate are moving in opposite directions, the Pacific plate is moving northward. The San Andreas Fault in California marks the boundary between these two plates so the westernmost part of the state is moving up with the rest of the Pacific plate. Rather than breaking off, half of California is sliding upwards. In ten million years, Los Angeles will be up where San Francisco is and in 50 million years it will be closer to where Alaska is now.

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