Are we starting to have scientists who specialize in climate change science?



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    The field of Environmental Science is usually what people go into in order to deal with climate change. The “specialization” part comes through the studies, grants, or companies those scientists work on. Climate change is very broad, and there can be an area of specialization to include nearly any plant, animal, or system on earth. It can also include studies on people, and the social effects climate change has on them. It’s also political, concerning different governments and their ability to work together on such an issue. 

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    Many universities are beginning to offer Master’s degrees in Climate Science.  Climate Science studies the past, present and future climate systems and the impact on the physical, biological and human environments.  Some schools that offer a Master’s degree in Climate Science are UNSW, Bard CEP, Northern Arizona Univ, Univ of Nebraska, University of Washington, and Columbia.  

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