Are we spending more money on the war on drugs or the war on climate?



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    Between January 1, 2009 and October 18, 2009 the Federal government spent more than $40,656,660,000 on the Drug War, with no sign that it has been effective. Finding out how much the Obama Administration has committed to addressing climate change is trickier. Much of this budget is expected to come from revenue generated from the auctioning of of carbon pollution permits. An expected $15 billion per year in revenue is expected from this source, starting in 2012, and even if all this is spent on green technologies and research it still pales in comparison to the budget for the War on Drugs. Obama requested $10.5 billion for the Environmental Protection Agency, which is 50% more than what President Bush requested the year before. If current spending trends on the War on Drugs continue then taxpayers will have spent nearly $50 billion in 2009 alone.

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    As serenidade said above, a lot of money is being spent on both, but as to what efficacy I do not know.  It is difficult to take into account all of the private orginazations and their donations in regards to the environment.  For 2012, the EPAs budget is $8,449,385,000, which has actually decreased since its high of $10,297,864,000.

    As for the War on Drugs, the proposed budget is $26 billion dollars.  So it looks like a whole lot more money is going to fight drugs, than the enviornment.  The bigger question, however, might be, is this money being used efficaciously?  Who is watching how it is spent?

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    The point that solanahawkeye brings up is important. It is interesting to note that the War on Drugs is being fought through programs like D.A.R.E, which have no measurable results or effects. Interestingly enough if the government were to spend more money on sustainable energy there would actually be a measurable effect.

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