Are we the only country that has conflict free diamonds?



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    I don’t know about “we,” but Australia, Botswana, Canada, Namibia, Russia, South Africa and Tanzania mine conflict free diamonds. Antique jewelry is also a good route to avoid buying conflict diamonds.

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    The US has no commercial diamond mines; the only diamond mine is a state park in Arkansas where visitors dig for diamonds.

    The greatest source of diamonds used in the US is synthetic industrial diamonds imported from China.

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    I’m not sure which country your referring to, but no, the United States is not the only source of conflict free diamonds, but it is a source when purchased from reliable vendors.  The countries listed by the poster above are also sources of conflict free diamonds, but purchasing estate or antique jewelry is the best route to be sure.  Even though you cannot know the original situation of that specific diamond – it is already produced and available and can be passed on again and again. 

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