Are we the new fear mongering neocons of needless climate panic and crininal exaggeration?

I’m not the only former believer urging prosecutors to lay criminal chargers to the leading scientists and news editors for knowingly inciting this needless panic of CO2 climate crisis.
Meanwhile, the UN and the entire SCIENCE world had allowed carbon trading markets run by corporations and politicians to trump 3rd world fresh water relief, starvation rescue and 3rd world education for just over 25 years of climate CONTROL instead of the obviously needed POPULATION control. Climate Change Crisis wasn’t sustainability. It was a 25 year old failed CO2 death threat to billions of children. Now who’s the fear mongering neocon?



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    The purported threat of global warming is not primarily an issue of belief or opinion. It’s a scientific issue, and unless you’ve looked at and understood a wide body of evidence and research, then its not fair to spew this kind of rhetoric about the entire scientific community. Environmental advocacy is not fear mongering — its about the advancement of an ideal, not an agenda. And there are many, many worldwide issue, and even if they may be mutually exclusive with regards to public spotlight and money spent, its unfair to draw either/or relationships between them.

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      As a former believer turned “denier”, I have read the science like you believers suggested and what I found was that studying worst case scenarios is not consensus. And almost all of the billions that have gone into climate change research for 25 years are almost entirely on “effects”, not causes. They are literally studying the effects of something that has not happened. The very subject of climate change and its definition and science assumes climate change to be real as a factor in the climate change equation. It’s obvious it was a consultant’s wet dream and we all know it’s not fraud the scientists are committing, its exaggeration.
      Climate changers say; “Environmental advocacy is not fear mongering”. I never said that. I said the CO2 theory is a specific 25 year old death threat, not environmentalism. Don’t put words in my mouth considering you are the one going around crying “crisis” with the scientist’s words. Scientists gave us pesticides don’t forget. Trust nobody. Be open minded to the concept of the CO2 fears being completely unfounded. Would that disappoint you to find the crisis was not a crisis or would you be happy for the planet?

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