Are we moving in the right direction to help save nature?



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    I only really feel confident saying that we’ve STARTED moving in the right direction. We (humanity at large) have done a huge amount of damage in such a small amount of time, that it will very well take a proportionally huge change in an equally small amount of time to effectively save nature. Electric cars are a step in the right direction, as is banning plastic bags, but no one of these things is going to make much difference.

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    We are. We are and have been. The Environmental Movement has been gaining strength for decades now. The entire way we look at our relationship with Nature has shifted. Consider the fact that this website even exists. People simply didn’t think of Nature as something to be conserved; it was something to be tamed and exploited. It existed to serve us, and we were apart from it. This attitude is dissolving, and while it’s frustrating how slowly the changes are taking place, they ARE taking place. On the whole, we are certainly moving in the right direction, and have been for some time — but this is the sort of massive cultural, economic, and industrial shift that takes generations to come to fruition.

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