Are we making the right decisions to build a strong long lasting green economy?



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    I think decisions have been made to make us a stronger, greener economy but they haven’t been severe enough and strict enough. Many changes that need to be made by 2016 or 2020 are only to the tune of a 15 or 20% reduction in carbon emissions. The problem is that there will be much more production in the meantime and the effects of climate change will compound. I believe they’re moving far too slow to make the decisions to make our economy greener. Big businesses won’t make the changes until their hand is forced and I fear the federal government is too slow in making the changes. Time will tell, however.

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    I agree with the above post in that many changes still need to be made in order to build a strong, lasting green economy.  Political stalemates in Washington resulting from deeply divided opinions on how to address our economic and environmental future are not facilitating the decision-making process.  The recent passage by the House (and subsequent defeat in the Senate) of HR 910 is a testament to the backpedaling and inertia our policy makers are experiencing in attempts to make headway with green regulation of industries.  Until we are able to reach more collective, bi-partisan agreements regarding our economic policy, I think it will be hard to make any productive decisions at all. 

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    Yes, yes and yes. Right decisions are being made to build strong long lasting green economy. So far, the problem is that some individuals are still unaware of the policies while some who are aware of the policies are not ready to implement them. 

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