Are we making enough energy for everyone in the United States?



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    Yes. Utilities are able to provide everyone with electricity, and for now at least we aren’t in danger of running out of oil for our vehicles. However, this may not be the case in the future – oil stocks are rapidly decreasing, and even our plentiful coal reserves will not last forever. To ensure continued production of energy, we will need to make the switch to renewable fuels such as solar and wind to provide for our needs.

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    It is true that the world is not running out of oil, but the US cannot come close to supplying itself with enough to meet its demand. The danger worldwide is that we are at or near the point when a maximum possible production rate of oil will be reached. There will still be plenty of oil, but the increase in demand will mean that it will not be remotey as cheap as it is today. Look forward to $6, $8, $10 a gallon gasoline, probably within 10 years.

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