are we going back to the nature where pests are controlled naturally? Is it Possible?



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    While there is definitely some movement toward natural pest control, it will be a long time before we can completely break our dependence on things like synthetic weed killers, bug spray, rat poison and bug bombs.  But of course it’s possible.  Humans did it for a very long time before synthetic pesticides were available, and even today a lot of people still do.  Given our level of depedence on these items though, the transition will be far from easy. 

    Natural pest control generally requires more work, more planning, higher tolerance and greater knowledge than do modern alternatives.  For example, in gardening, natural pest control depends in part on a knowledge of precisely which crops are affected by which pests, and which other crops naturally repel those pests. 

    In many cases, natural pest control is about preventing pests from becoming a problem, rather than waiting for them to become a problem before you deal with them.  The best protection of cockroaches, for example, is simply to keep your house clean so they’re not enticed in; and treating your house with borates (a naturally occuring salt) can protect it from a variety of fungi, bacteria and insects.

    Because natural pest control is not as easy or efficient as modern methods, it will likely take a long time to catch on, especially in large scale profit-driven settings, where convenience and efficiency are key.  But the shift is underway, and there is no reason that it couldn’t eventually happen.

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