Are we getting any closer to being able to predict volcano eruptions?



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    It is impossible to make a calender signifying the date of every eruption a volcano will have, but we are able to make some more vague long term predictions.  The best way to determine the future behavior of a volcano is by studying its past behavior as revealed in the deposits produced by ancient eruptions.   If a volcano is monitored closely, scientists are able to foresee how close it is it erupting.  Volcanic activity is measured by changes in magnetic field, electrical resistivity, groundwater reformation, heat flow, gas compositions, and ground deformation.  As time goes on, our methods become more accurate in predicting volcanoes thanks to detailed research logs.

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    Currently, our ever-improving technologies are getting us closer to predicting a volcanic eruption.  We do various things like measure past volcanic trends by looking at seismic data.  Earthquakes are often a tell-tale sign of an eruption.  We also look at gas emissions of the volcano surfaces.  Changes in the CO2 and SO2 emitted in a volcano may be used to identify when the next erution is about to start.

    While we are constantly improving technology with volcanoes, we still won’t be albe to tell 100% when the next “big one” occurs.

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