Are we facing a mass extinction due to climate change like that which wiped out the dinosaurs?



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    It’s not impending; but theoretically it’s possible, but I do not think it is probable. Human living conditions will be drastically altered if we do not halt climate change… but I do not think we would not be able to keep on living (it would just be awful — no ozone so you’d have to wear skin coverings anytime you went outside, sea levels would put all coastal areas underwater — there would be lost cities of the underworld! — and the air / water would be so contaminated that you would not be able to take it in naturally [everything would have to be filtered first])… so I’d say we aren’t facing a mass extinction — we are facing a massively stinky and painful situation in which humans would be reliant on extreme measures and applications of way more technology than would be cool just to survive!

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