Are we doing anything to stop the erosion of the great pyramids of Egypt?



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         Air pollution, wind, and rising groundwater levels all contribute to the erosion of the pyramids. To protect them and other sites, Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities is working on restoration projects all over the country. Without the SCA’s work, some of these monuments could be completely destroyed in a few decades. Dr. Zahi Hawass, head of the SCA, says the projects are successful because he makes sure each worker has a clear job description and  there is always at least one who only focuses on conservation. 

          In Giza, there is a rotation system for tourists visiting the pyramids: one pyramid is open for visitors while two are closed. Only 150 people are allowed to enter the Great Pyramid each day. The government has also opened some smaller tombs for visitors to take the pressure off the big sites. In the future, Dr. Hawass wants use electric cars to transport tourists. These changes have worked so well that the SCA hopes to start using them at other tourist attractions. 


    A map of the pyramids at Giza

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