Are we being affected by climate change in ways that we are not even aware of?



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    We can’t really answer this with any sort of certainty- based on the premise, there is an inherent measure of uncertainty.

    That said, it’s highly likely that unanticipated problems will reveal themselves in the coming years. It’s just statistically likely.

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    If we weren’t aware of them, how could I tell you? Just kidding. There are many ways that we know that we’re being affected (sea level is rising, arctic sea ice is melting, sea-surface temperatures are warming, and drought is increasing) but there are others we can speculative upon without knowing exactly what will happen. Ecosystems are affected though we don’t know to what extent yet. The change in climate causes the displacement of species as well as the death of other species. The effects are varied and uncertain. The length to which ecosystems will be affected is unknown because the consumption and contributions to climate change continues to increase. More and more effects will be known as consumption continues.

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