Are wave powered farms more expensive to build than the same size of wind farms?



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    Yes.  That’s one of the main reasons we haven’t seen much in the way of wave farms yet.  A wave is a much more powerful thing than a breeze, or even a big gust of wind.  Wave generators need to be specially designed to avoid being damaged by waves, whether from superstrong materials or with a movable nature.  Another problem is that sitting in the ocean makes the generator much more susceptible to corrosion, which puts a wave generator out of commission much faster than a wind generator.

    However, because waves are such powerful things, if we can solve the problems facing wave power generation to make cost effective wave farms, the efficiency of a wind farm will be far lower than that of a wave farm.  Research is being done and prototypes are being implemented in the US, Scotland, Portugal, Australia, and other countries.

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