Are waterless urinals easier to clean than regular urinals?



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    Yes with the “Waterless” no-flush urinals you simply have to replace the liquid 2-4 times a year. It is recyclable and simply changed out for a new one. I believe that it is also biodegradable. Does not seem to be hard to clean at all 🙂

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    In a sense, waterless urinals are easier to maintain, because the harsh chemicals and powders typically used to clean conventional urinals to rid them of water stains and encrustations are no longer necessary with a waterless system.

    Typically, cleaning professionals just mist the waterless urinal with a cleaner/disinfectant. Allow the chemical a few minutes to dwell on the surface, giving the cleaning and disinfecting agents time to work. Then wipe the same areas clean.

    There are also spray-and-walk-away cleaners specially formulated for non-water using urinals.  Many cleaning professionals find these very effective.

    The trap/cylinder on some systems may need to be changed as often as every other month depending on traffic. Others may last longer. Changing the trap/cylinder typically takes a couple of minutes to do. Interestingly, the longer-lasting traps are the least expensive.

    In addition, with some systems a sealant can be replenished every couple of weeks or months. This prevents sewer odors from being released into the restroom. If using the BlueSeal sealant, it comes with a handy filler so the entire process takes just a few seconds.

    I hope this answers your question.

    Klaus Reichardt
    CEO and Founder, Waterless Co


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