Are waterfalls permanent?



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    Well, it depends what you mean by “waterfall” and “permanent.” There are over 28 different types of waterfall (e.g. block, cascade, cataract, curtain, chute, curtain, ribbon, scree, slide, horsetail….), all of which form in slightly different ways and all of which have slightly different effects upon the landscape. Generally speaking though, most waterfalls erode the rocks underneath them, which causes the waterfall to recede upstream and the land to gradually flatten. Eventually, these waterfalls will become gorges and gullies. So no, waterfalls don’t last forever.

    If you mean (as I often used to wonder myself) whether a waterfall will ever run out of water, the answer is that the waterfall lasts as long as the source-water does. Waterfalls are fed from melting glaciers or rivers or rainwater or mountain runoff. As long as these sources provide water to the waterfall, well, the water falls.

    To read more about waterfalls, there is a lovely website here:

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