Are walruses just as threatened by melting ice as polar bears? If so, do you think polar bears get more attention just because they look more attractive?



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    From the recent unusual migrations of the walruses to shorelines in Alaska and Russia, it does seem that they are just as threatened by climate change as the polar bears. Walruses probably haven’t received as much attention as the polar bears because this congregation, as the article you refer to states, is the first of its kind. When we think of melting ice, it’s easy to think of the polar bear as a victim, because it is one of the most familiar Arctic animals. And while polar bears are very cute, I think that walruses have a similar potential to capture attention for their looks. I think that because of this first mass migration, walruses will begin to come more into the spotlight, since another huge problem with this phenomenon is their stampeding which is killing their young.

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