Are walruses hunted for their ivory just like rhinos and elephants?



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    Walruses are hunted for many reasons, the ivory in their tusks being a large one.  They also have large amounts of blubber which can be used to make oil.  The fact that it is illegal to take walrus tusks have shot up the price, making it worthwhile to many.  It wasnt always this way, as the indigenous peoples hunted walruses to eat, and used their bones and tusks as toolds, and the blubber for warmth, or to make into oil to cook their food by.

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    They are. For a long time, walrus ivory can only be sold and traded in the US by Alaskan Natives like Inuits, whose ancestors have created scrimshaw and jewelry from the tusks for generations. Most of the legal walrus ivory you’ll find that is less than 100 years old has some sort of native carving on it. But this trade, combined with Canadian hunters and Russian vessels from Siberia, who want meat and blubber as well as ivory, result in the deaths of thousands of walruses a year. Walrus ivory must have been harvested before 1972, including fossilized tusks, to be sold in the US under the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972.

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