Are vultures raised for food?



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    No, vultures aren’t on anyone’s diet. But you can be on theirs. Vultures have been seen on Battlefields, eating the bodies of the dead. It is more common for them to feed on the carcases of small animals, and although they are not generally predatory, they can and will kill small animals who are sick or dying. They might be scary–and pretty gross looking–but if you see one, you shouldn’t be threatened–unless you’re threatened in a symbolic sense. 🙂

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    There is a lot of information about vulture conservation, and public awareness of their important role as scavengers. There do not appear to be any farms raising vultures for food, though one can presume they are edible. Humans do eat some carnivores like alligator, shark and tuna but there is little information on the wide-spread practice of eating vulture meat.

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