Are viruses alive?

I’ve heard both yes and no argued for this question. As much as I’m interested in hearing some results lifted from the scientific community, I’d also like to hear what you, personally, think.



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    This is a topic that scientists still ponder.  Viruses exist in two states.  One is completely dormant and has no biological activities, so it essentially no more than organic matter, making it technically not alive.  In this state, it is called a virion.  However, once it has a host, it becomes active, adapts to its surrounding environment, and reproduces.  These and other actions are all characteristics of a living organism.  So, if you say that a virus is not alive while dormant, then it seems that you’re saying that viruses have to ability to switch being alive on and off.  Depending on what you believe ‘alive’ really means will help you decide you’re answer.  In my not so scientifically esteemed opinion, I’d say they’re alive because they can react and reproduce, and they aren’t robots.

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