are video games bad for the environment



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    While the energy that goes into the product of video games isn’t “good” for the environment, video games themselves are not bad for the environment.

    In fact, many games teach about the environment and support environmental causes.  For example, Spore teaches about the evolutionary process.  Linked below is a list of more video games you may be interested in.

    Several people, like the ones in an article linked below, posit that video games are an agent for environmental and social advancement.

    I would say that video games have more potential for net gain than for harm.

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    Playing video game involves the use of multiple electronics and is thus a source of energy consumption. If your home receives electricity from a standard power plant, its generation entails the use of coal, oil, or some other non-renewable energy source that polutes the environment.

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    Video games themselves do not have a real effect on the environment so much as the minds of individuals that play them. The only plausible effects video games can have on the physical environment is electricity consumed by playing and possibly the trash they become when thrown out. So in a sense, I would say video games have a profound effect on certain social environments rather than the physical environment. Hopefully with the advent and advancement for renewable energy, electrical consumption will not be an issue in the future.

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