Are vegetarians skinnier than meat eaters?



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    On average, yes. This is because vegetarian diets are much lower in calories than standard American fare. Also, the tendency to overeat is reduced, as vegetarian diets are calorically less dense, so to obtian the same number of calories as a meat-eater, you require a much larger volume of food. This means, in general, you will fill your stomach on less calories.

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    Not necessarily.  A lot of junk food is still vegetarian.  However, the likelihood that a vegetarian would be thin is higher than a meat-eater.  A lot of things that are bad for your health are in meat, and vegetarian alternatives are generally lower-calorie.

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    Weight depends on the ratio of the number of calories you burn to the number of calories you eat. So technically, vegetarians can be the same size as meat eaters if they maintain the same caloric ratio. It is true however that most vegetarian meals will be lower calorie  because it requires vegetarians to eat a greater volume of vegetables to meet the calories that meat contains and our stomachs only have so much space. Just a little food for thought, I am a 285 lb vegetarian Division-1 Offensive Lineman and while my weight is similar to other Offensive Lineman my body fat percentage is approximately 10% less.

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    Body fat percentage is probably lower on average, and maybe weight on average. However, vegans and vegetarians who still eat a lot of sugar or refined carbs like bread, or who drink a lot of booze, are not going to be any skinnier than your average meat eater. Nor are vegetarians who replace meat with high-fat cheese.

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    I’m gonna jump on in here and say I know plenty of chubby veg*ns.  🙂  I’m one. 

    We just really like to eat, and when the food tastes as good as vegan food tastes, it can be difficult to leave the kitchen!  hahaha

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