Are vegetarian hotdogs better for the environment?



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    Yes.  Anything is better for the environment when it is vegetarian.  Yes you will have to grow the crops and form the dog and everything.  But so much soy and other things is fed to livestock anyway.  You really are just eliminating the animal (which are huge environmental burdens).  Not to mention the fact that the animals are usually treated horribly.  

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    Yes.  Any meat products require much more land space in their production.  In order to raise livestock for meat products such as hot dogs, many acres of land are required to grow the grain to feed the livestock. Pollution is created when the grain is transported to the livestock and even more land to house the livestock.  By using less land and creating less pollution, vegetarian hotdogs (as well as all vegetarian products) are more eco-friendly than their meat counterparts.

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    Yes.  Growing soy is much better for the environment than it is for the entire process of producing meat.  Factory farming is the single most polluting industry in the country.  So, basically any vegetarian option of virtually any food is better for the environment.

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    Pretty much anything vegetarian is better for the environment.  Instead of growing soy or corn to feed the livestock that will go into making that hotdog, the grains are used directly.  Vegetarian hotdogs use much less water and resources than it does to raise cows or pigs for consumption. 

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