Are vaccines dangrous



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    On the whole, vaccines exist to save lives, and aren’t particularly dangerous. Is there perhaps a specific vaccine you’re talking about?

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    There are a few complications that can arise with vaccinations:

    • Foreign proteins entering directly into the bloodstream from vaccination preservatives.
    • No filtration of the vaccination in any way through the liver.
    • Temperature fluctuations
    • Collapsing due to sudden bodily changes.


    Check out the citation for a very extensive article, with several medical journals cited in itself, and you can find out the full (and rather ugly) truth about vaccinations.


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    It varies from vaccine to vaccine, but the vaccines that all children are recommended to have, like measles, are extremely safe. There are those who believe these vaccines can cause autism, but this has been proven by studies time and time again to be a complete myth.

    Most vaccines work by getting your immune system used to the disease in question so your body can fight it off.  They typically involve injecting a tiny amount of the pathogen they’re defending against (usually dead), so it’s possible to have some mild symptoms of the disease for a day or two after getting vaccinated. For example, after getting the flu shot it’s not uncommon to have a mild fever and a runny nose for a day or so.

    Some vaccines for more serious illnesses, such as rabies, have the potential to cause more serious complications, so doctors don’t recommend getting them unless absolutely necessary (say, you’ve been bitten by a wild animal).

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    Vaccines have some risk in the same way every medical procedure does. Even taking a multivitamin is risky, what if you choke? The important question is more whether the risk of the procedure is worth the benefit it provides. Most people outside of militaries are not given the anthrax vaccine because the vaccine is considered too risky compared to the likelihood of anthrax contact. On the other hand tetanus vaccines are strongly encouraged for how low-risk they are compared to the disease they prevent.

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