Are tumbleweeds extremely flammable?



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    Judging from this video, I’d say yes. 🙂

    Also, since they are very dry (at least the mature ones you see tumbling around the desert) they should make for perfect kindling.

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    Yes.  Tumbleweeds are “saturated with flammable oils.”  When they roll up next to houses and wooden fencing, they pose a serious hazard in terms of creating forest fires.  They are considered an invasive species, absorbing water resources from native plants which creates soil erosion.

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    Yes, tumbleweeds are definitely fire hazards. The most common tumbleweed is known as Russian thistle, but a tumbleweed can describe a number of plants which detach from their roots at maturity in order to spread seeds over large distances. Naturalized in Asia, tumbleweeds are considered pests in western agricultural fields, and due to the fact that they present a fire hazard. Mowing down tumbleweeds and preventing the spread of seeds is part of many western communities’ “fire hazard abatement” programs.

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