Are trout endangered?



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    Not all trout are endangered. But some species are, for example the Bull Trout. It lives in Washington state and is on the endangered species list. 

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    No, not all trout are endangered. The only type of trout which is currently being overfished is the lake trout, found in the Great Lakes in the United states. However this may change depending on overfishing and consumer awareness. Agreat website to refer to is seafood watch, they are an organization dedicated to consumer awareness of which fish are safe to eat, have high mercury levels, or are in danger of being overfished or made extinct all together. I recommend that you check it out, it is a very cool website.

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    There are several different species of trout, the majority of which are not endangered. There numbers may have dropped off in a few areas, but for the most part, most trout species are relatively healthy. The Cutthroat Trout however, is a ‘threatened’ species of trout. Native to the Western water of North America, these fish are not only heavily fished, but they are also far smaller than many other trout species. As a result of both human and natural predation of these diminutive fish, there numbers have been declining in recent years, however efforts to protect them have been stepped up. They are vital to the integrity of the ecosystem, something that scientists and anglers alike recognize and are working to correct.

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    There are many different species of trout and some are endangered while others are not. Linked below is the list of all trout species that are either thretened or endangered on the USFWS endangered species list.

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