Are the triazine herbicides the deadliest herbicides?



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    Triazine hebicides are very lethal, however they do not take the gold medal in their ability to affect humans. Glyphosate takes the cake, causing such side effects as: infertility, cancer, brain damage, autoimmune deficencies among others in a long list of symptoms. Agreat source to check the various health issues of many products is:

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    The most dangerous herbicide I can think of off the top of my head is Paraquat which can be dangerous in concentrated form. Atrazine (one of the Triazine herbicides) is substantially less toxic than Paraquat, and Glyphosate, which vulcan32 mentioned is less toxic than atrazine. 

    See table 1 of the included link for the LD50 (body weight corrected dose that has a 50% chance of causing death).

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