Are tree houses eco friendly?



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    It can be if you use recycled materials as the building materials.  Re-use wood from items that are no longer wanted or needed (old shelvings, a table, or check out a scrap yard, etc).  Use low or no VOC’S paint for color.  When assembling the pieces, try not to use electric tools and do it all by hand!

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    No matter what you do, building a tree house is going to cause damage to the tree that it’s in. This is because the tree keeps growing while the house is in place. The tree will grow around the bolts that you use to attach the house to the tree. The tree will also be prone to infection if you cut limbs to allow the treehouse to fit inside it. There’s more detailed information about building a treehouse without harming as much cited below.

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    The green-ness of a tree house will depend entirely on how it is built.  Some tree houses are little more than a foundation and a ladder, while others are quite elaborate and have electricity.  However, I’d say a tree house that doesn’t have electricity might actually be quite green.  Giving kids a place to play outside that they think is cool might just get them to turn off the TV and go play, which will end up saving energy. 

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