Are tree frogs large?



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    There are different types of tree frogs.  Red eyed tree frogs tend to grow to an adult size of 2-3 inches.  Japanese green tree frogs are generally 1-2 inches. 

    The largest tree frog is the white lipped tree frog, which can grow from 4 to 5 and a half inches!

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    Normally, they are very small; from a few centimeters to no more than 2 inches in length.  However, the White Lipped Treefrog can reach a size of 10-14 centimeters or 4-5.5 inches.

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    The White-Lipped Tree Frog, also called the Giant Tree Frog, is the largest amphibian in Australia and ranges in size from 4.33 to 5.51 inches.

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