Are transition communities really our way to the future?

I think of intentionl communities and transitional communities as having the same purpose – to live sustainable lives that benefit the planet and each other. Is there any hope that they will become the norm in our word?



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    Transition communities are designed to be sustainable.  This idea is important as the world faces growing problems with water, food, and clean air.  However, transition communities would be few and far between as the majority of the country relies on the easy accessibility of grocery stores, gas stations, shopping centers, entertainment events, schools, and businesses.  

    I don’t think the number of people needed to make a difference would jump on board with this innovative idea.  As a culture, we have become accustomed to certain luxuries, and switching to become sustainable within a community is a huge leap forward that I don’t think people are ready for yet.  Even now, it is proving difficult to make a mass switch to renewable energy and cut back on fossil fuel dependence. 

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      Thanks EMC, for the citation – been there and found it useful. I’m writing a speculative science book dated some 30 years hence, with intentional communities the norm. Still undecided whether the current movements are the path to get us there or will I need a cataclysmic event – heaven knows, many are possible and probable. Love your other answers. You have a great brain. Lois

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