Are trains considered an alternative form of transportation?



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    Definitely, they are considered public transportation. So a train allows many people to move between two points on the same amount of energy (instead of just a few people to be able to do that). It’s a much more eco-friendly, “alternative” way to travel (verse cars).

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    OH YES. If there were no trains, think of how many people would drive to work. There was an advertisement on the CTA in chicago that said that 1 train=250 fewer cars. Not one train LINE, one TRAIN, and ONE TRAIN goes by every 5 minutes during rush hour.

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    Trains are considered an alternative form of transportation. They run on a fixed schedule, usually travel to main city centers, and allow people to read, work, or perform other various activities while in route to their destination. Trains are a great way to see the city or countryside, since you can just relax and enjoy the view while traveling on a train. Trains can carry people and goods which can reduce traffic caused by passenger vehicles and vehicles transporting goods such as large 18 wheelers. Taking the bus, riding a bike, and walking are also considered alternative forms of transportation.

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