Are traditional propeller like wind turbines becoming more efficient?



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    Yes, in a way they are. The efficiency of a wind turbine depends on a number of factors: the power in the wind is equal to (the density of the air) X (the diameter of the turbine blades squared) X (the velocity of the wind, cubed) X (a constant.) Therefore it seems that the way to get the most energy out of wind power is by placing a turbine in a spot with the densest air (sea level) and high wind velocities and increasing the size of the turbine blades. Scientists are currently hoping to do this in offshore wind farms and by using enormous turbine blades. The largest, and most energy generating wind turbine has a 7+ megawatt capacity. However, according to Betz’ law formulated way back in 1919, the most energy any wind turbine can generate is 59% of the power in the wind. If a turbine were to convert all the power in the wind into energy, then there would be no wind left on the other side. 

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    We are always improving our designs for renewable energy.

    These are my favorite, for their beauty as well as their efficiency. 

    wind turbine

    “For many years, a fellow named Bil Becker has been hard at work developing hisAerotecture  turbines. The turbines are elegant devices which incorporate bothSavonius and Darrieus styles into one turbine.”



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