Are toucan species endangered?



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    Yes the Toucan is endangered as a result of deforestation.

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    Here is a breakdown of the different toucan genera and their respective endangered status.

    Andigena (mountain toucans): Grey-breasted Mountain-toucan and Plate-billed Mountain-toucan, both “Near Threatened”
    Aulacorhynchus (green toucanets): all under “Least Concern”, except for the Yellow-browed Toucanet, which is “Endangered”
    Pteroglossus (aracaris): all under “Least Concern”, except for the Saffron Toucanet, which is “Near Threatened”
    Ramphastos (“typical toucan”): all under “Least Concern”
    Selenidera (dichromatic toucanets): all under “Least Concern”

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