Are tomatoes vegetables or fruits?



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    A tomato is a fruit! A fruit is a plant’s ripened ovary, which has seeds in it. As a tomato has seeds in a fruity flesh, it is a fruit. “Vegetable” usually refers to the stalk, roots, or leaves of a plant. 

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    There are four definitions relating to fruits and vegetables:
    Fruit (scientific) the ovary of a seed-bearing plant
    Fruit (culinary) any edible part of a plant with a sweet flavor
    Vegetable (scientific) adjective – related to plants – edible or not
    Vegetable (culinary) noun – edible plant or part of a plant other than the sweet fruit or seed – so leaf, stem or root of the plant.

    So eggplants, bell peppers and tomatoes -are technically fruits – but called vegetables. 


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    tomato is a fruit because it has seeds

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    It is biologically a fruit, and culinarily a vegetable.

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