Are tobaccos better for the environment than cigarettes?



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    Natural tobacco is better for the environments and the health of the user because it lacks the tar and other artificial chemicals in cigarettes. Tobacco in its purest form has been used for inhaling from ancient times without damage to the environment.

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    Natural tobacco is probably better for the environment than the tobacco typically used in cigarettes since pesticides are not used. However, smoking natural tobacco in cigarettes, cigars, and pipes is probably little to no better for the health of the smoker than smoking conventionally grown tobacco. Contrary to popular belief, the vast majority of the toxins in tobacco smoke are generated by the burning process rather than added. Tar, for instance, is generated ANY TIME you burn an organic substance. This is true whether that substance is conventionally grown tobacco or organically grown spinach. Also, substances like arsenic are bioaccumulated from the environment rather than added for some sinister reason. The bottom line here is that, although it is better for the environment to grow tobacco organically, there is NO safe cigarette. Or even a safer cigarette. Anyone who thinks that they are being ‘healthy’ because they smoke ‘natural’ cigarettes is only fooling themselves.

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