Are tigers weaker than lions?



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    Well, this depends on which lion(s) and which tiger(s) you are referring to.  Scientists have found that lions have 66% the strength that tigers do, so tigers are therefore generally stronger. 

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    There is no single definition of strength, so the winner would depend on what you want to compare. Here are some stats for both animals:

    • The canine bite force for a tiger was measured to be 1525 N, and 1768 N for a lion.
    • On the other hand, tigers are heavier (up to 300 kg vs. up to 250 kg for lions), and are proportionately longer (3.3 m vs. 2.5 m).
    • Due to smaller size, lions can achieve higher speeds (81 kph/50 mph vs 65 kmh/40 mph for tigers), although that’s only for short speed bursts for both cats.
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      To add to that, tigers also occasionally use their paws while hunting which are strong enough to smash skulls and break backs of prey. They can also jump large distances, up to 10 meters.

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