Are three other dangerous chemicals in fish or is it only mercury?



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    The U.S. News site on November 10, 2009 posted an article citing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in addition to mercury being found in fish nationwide.

    Additionally, eNewsUSA in their article on the same date sited the same results.

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    I have attached a link below from a study from 1994! which outlines potentially hazardous chemicals that are found in fish in the San Francisco Bay Area.  What is shocking about the state of some issues that face our environment today, is how long these issues have been studied and identified, and yet not a lot has been done to curb our negative effects.  Back to your question, here is a list of other hazardous chemical mixtures in fish species identified in the study:



    DDT (pesticide)

    Chlordane (chlorine compounds)

    Dieldrin (pesticide)

    Different areas of the world will have different chemical run-off concerns, and thus different issues with fish and harmful chemical concentrations.  So the long and short answer for your question is YES, there are numerous other chemicals found in fish and aquatic life.

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