Are those plastic white picket fences good for the environment?



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    Generally, any plastic isn’t good for the environment, but the question is what would be used instead of plastic.

    Assuming that people need the white picket fences, the alternative is could be using wood, which is a renewable resource. But as so often with quick environmental judgments, one needs to look carefully at the whole cost. That white picket fence needs to be painted white. Inevitably there will be leftover paint. Will that be disposed of? Over the years the paint may flake and contaminate the ground. It may need to be painted again. There’s the human cost in labor in all that. If someone is a successful professional, hours of work might be invested, that would be more cost-effective for the environment to say, donate professional services.

    My guess is that if those plastic white picket fences can stand up to 10 years of use without maintenance, they’re actually better for the environment overall. (The one I’m looking at online has a 20 year warranty.)

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