Are those new dryer bars better than dryer sheets for the environment?



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    Dryer bars, from at least one perspective, would be more environmentally friendly than dryer sheets because they do not produce as much waste.

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    The dryer bars are made to be biodegradable, so that is one advantage over many dryer sheets.  However only one bar comes per package, and the bar will last up to 4 months, depending on the frequency of doing laundry and your dryer settings.  However, I am usually able to do more than 4 months of laundry with a single box of dryer sheets, therefore the shipping costs of the products may be more for the dryer bar than dryer sheets to do an equivalent amount of laundry.

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    Another option (I just posted this for another question just a few questions away from yours) is to skip dryer sheets altogether and use a cloth, preferably terry material, and spray some natural, biodegradable fabric softener on it then throw it in the dryer.  You can reuse it again and again, just be sure to wash it after a few uses to remove any build up.  It saves resources, $$, and air quality.

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