Are those big jugs of water for an office better than bottled water for your employees?



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    Yes definitely, individual plastic bottles are much more surface area and therefore require much more plastic. Also it is much easier to recycle one large jug rather than each individual water bottles. Who knows if your employees with actually recycle them???

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    The big jugs of water produce less plastic waste than water bottles. The water companies take back empy bottles and reuse them.

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    The above are all true; plus it is more economical to buy in bulk, and it is cleaner since the amount of plastic dissolved in water is less than in individual bottles.

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    Yes, and plus if you want to be even more eco-friendly, you can reuse those water jugs and refill it with filtered water. 

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    Water inside those jugs usually tastes much fresher than bottled water. I can taste a richer difference in the water.

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