are they a ghost in bermuda triangle?

how many ships and planes are gone?



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    Many tales of mystery revolve around the Bermuda Triangle.  The piece of Atlantic Ocean between Miami / Fort Lauderdale, Bermuda, and San Juan is home to ghost ships, ghost planes, mysterious bright lights, read flares, and UFO sightings.  Two of the most popular disappearances happened to the Navy.  In 1918 USS Cyclops Navy Ship disappeared.  The disappearance is sited in several literature books.  The most famous mystery happened in 1945 when five (some say six) Navy planes disappeared.

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    Some of the more interesting tales about the Bermuda Triangle is that is actually a black hole. Therefore when things go missing there are simply sucked in by the black hole. The history channel ran a special on this and it didn’t seem really feasible, but there are questions that can be raised like why hasn’t the black hole sucked the water in. Its all a really big mystery.

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