Are there wild buffalo in Montana?



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    Yes, somewhere between 3000 and 3500.  The buffalo in Montana are among the last “genetically pure” buffalo from the pioneer days of the country.

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    Buffalo are known to roam Montana, but it appears that they come and go, depending on the time of year. The Buffalo Field Campaign protects buffalo habitats in Montana, and they are working diligently to provide a safe and plentiful environment for buffalo in Yellowstone National Park. In order to protect the Buffalo, they sometimes have to be herded in to the park with some effort.

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    Yes, and there are several recent and relevant news stories related to this.

    The Yellowstone 65, a small herd of pureblood bison that lived in Yellowstone, were recently transferred to living on native lands in Montana.

    About a week before that, 71 buffalo that were ancestors of ancient bison, were released back onto the fields whence their ancestors came.

    Together, these two breakthroughs amount to the biggest expansion of buffalo territory in Montana since before the days of Columbus.

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