Are there ways to modify crops so they use less water?



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    Yes, Monsanto has a way of inserting a specific gene into the DNA of crops to make them drought tolerant.  Currently, Monsanto is testing drought tolerant maize in South Africa.  Additionally, the Australian government is testing a drought tolerant wheat species to curb crop lost during bone-dry Australian growing season.  Estimates dictate that drought tolerant crops will be in mass production in no longer than 4 years. 

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    Breeding for drought tolerance is also a possibility.  This is possible with open pollinated heirloom varieties.  Many times, it entails allowing a segment of the crop to produce under partial or full drought stress.  The seeds are then saved from the plants that produce the best fruit.  It is kind of a combination of natural and artificial selection.  Though it may take longer than genetic modification, it will result in a more viable, healthy, and natural offspring.  This breeding will become especially important because of climate change.

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