Are there ways to have gardens during the winter?



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    There are various types of vegetables that are great for winter gardening, depending on your location.  Some of them include chives, turnips, carrots, leeks and more.  Brussel sprouts and parsnips actually have increased flavor if grown in frost.  Keep in mind winter gardening takes some preparation and planning, a comprehensive list of vegetables are listed in the Lovetoknow’, Garden site.

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    You can indeed harvest vegetables through the winter, though of course the details depend on your exact location. A key peice to being able to harvest or grow veggies through the winter months is a cold-frame or well insulated greenhouse. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to heavily heat a greenhouse to keep it warm enough to grow plants, as long as it is properly constructed. You can gain a sense of the construction design for passive solar heating at this site ( Daylight is really the limiting factor with winter gardening. With shorter days, plants grow very slowly, particularly from mid-December to early February. But if you live in a cold climate, and have the appropriate structure, you can easily keep the plants alive. Come mid February, the plants will begin to grow faster as the day length increases.

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