Are there venomous fish?



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    I’m not sure if you are referring to fish-fish, or if want examples of sea life in general. There are of course, many types of jellyfish, like the box jelly fish, or sand sharks like sting rays who will sting other organisms. As for scale and gills fish, there are many species with venomous barbs in their fins, like the lion fish, scorpion fish, stone fish, tang, etc.

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    Yes, there are venomous fish.  In fact, there are more venemous fish than there are venomous snakes or venemous vertebrates. According to an article on there are approximately 1200 venemous fish species. 

    Evidently, there are about 50,000 people poisoned by venemous fish per year with the severity ranging from blisters to death.  Looks like Indiana Jones should stop hating snakes and start fearing fish.

    If you have more curiosities, take a look at the venemous fish gallery

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    The blowfish is extremely poisonous, even after it’s been caught, but it’s considered a rare delicacy in asia.  In order to eat it without dying, the sushi chef must prepare it just the right way. talk about a risk!

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