Are there underwater restaurants?



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    The first underwater restaurant is the Ithaa Underwater Restaurant, located on the Conrad Maldives Resort, Rangali Island, Maldives. Costing $5 million dollars to construct, it took a crew of divers and 50 locals 13 hours to put it together underwater in November 2004. It is submerged 15 feet beneath the Indian Ocean and allows a 270 degree view of the aquatic environment. It seats only 14 people at a time. In addition it is also quite expensive, as an average meal costs around $187 to $220. However it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which allows visitors the chance to witness the beauty of the aquatic environment while dining on the finest cuisine in the region.

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    The Red Sea Star in Israel is also underwater. Built in 1998, it is submerged six meters under the Red Sea. The restaurant, bar and observatory all feature a marine-themed design and a large number of windows that allow visitors to view the underwater habitats that surround them. It is also a night-time underwater observatory, using a soft light to reveal the natural habitat, without disturbing it.

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    Florida’s Sea World features Sharks Underwater Grill.

    Another great place for under water dining is on Forbes Island in San Francisco Bay. It features a floating island and you can dine above or below the water.

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