Are there turtles that don’t have shells?



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    There are no turtles without shells as turtles cannot survive without them.  Their spines are built into their shells.  There are, however, species of turtles which have soft shells rather than hardened ones.

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    A type of Leatherback sea turtle doesn’t really have a shell…at least not a typical boney one. It’s “shell” is made up of leathery, oily skin. Also, a turtle that was thought to be extinct, or almost extinct, was found to be in abundance in an area of Cambodia. It’s called the Cantor’s Giant turtle. It has what scientists are calling a “soft shell,” so basically, mostly rubbery skin. Otherwise, no, there aren’t any. Shells are what protects turtles from predators for one thing, and for another, turtles are a part of their shell..their shell isn’t separate like it is for a crab, so since they’re attached, they would die if they lost their shell..such as if it were ripped off. :/

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